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Phil and Charlotte Cay



Our music still give us much pleasure performing for people and seeing those happy faces as they dance to their favorites.
The most requested songs are those of the1950's which still includes some of the song that I recorded with the Blue Notes and the Chantels.
"If The Ask me"
"Meet me In The Barn Yard"
"Tell Me"
"Take My Everything"
"Perry Mason"
"You Don't Know Me"
"The T-Bird"
"You Are My Sunshine"
"For Your Love"
Most of these records are on the top collector's Lists on Ebay.

Phil and Charlotte Cay
Now perform as a Duo 

After The Band
Phil and Charlotte Cay,were married and
joined together as a husband and wife team
entertaining together playing and siniing all
those songs from the 1950's, 60's. 70.s and
1980's..Playing for weddings, special events,
shows, private parties and for clubs.
Still keeping the traditional songs that were once
played by the Blue Notes and the Chantels.
Charlotte sings a lot of the favorites from the
past and some new ones.
Phil and Charlotte sing in harmony on a lot of their songs.
They are available to play now for any of those special parties
where people like to have live music without the expense of
paying for a full band.
Phil's keyboards will give you the same sounds as would
a full band.
For bookings call: 904-964-2308

You can learn a lot more about our music by searching in Google or Yahoo for simply: phil cay.
It was hard to do to get listed on so many search engines but with time and a little hard work we got it done.
Be sure and tell all your friends that Phil Cay is still Playing Music.
Write me and I will answer any questions you may have.
There are thousands of people out there that have heard our music and We sure would like to hear from them.
On one page on my site I will have photos and information about other musicians I have performed with and also had them as great friends.
I would love to hear from any of those musicians that have left Jacksonville, Florida to go on to larger cities. Making it Big in what we all call the "Big Time!"
We have had many entertainers that started in Jacksonville and went on to become great entertainers in the music field.
It would be so nice to have a big reunion with them all and entertain as we did then.
If you happen to be a promoter and would like to talk about a reunion with all the local talent please contact me. I know we have enough to put opn a great show.

"Music Makes It Happen"