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Bill and Mickey

Hi Phil,

Thank you so much for the CD of your music, that took me back many moons with all of the old songs and especially the Saxophone and a familiar voice (yours) singing. By the way I played it twice, I had a busy weekend so I played in the car and then on my Bose at home.

Yes I was 15 for a while listening to your CD. I think I am still 15 at heart, it is a good feeling, if only we could go back with the knowledge that we have acquired over the years and apply it, our lives would be so different. I do not want to change mine, I am lucky because I am happy with my life and where I am at the age of 68 going on 15.

I still remember when you did the live TV appearance and had to lip sink to your record. I had a lot of fun watching you, I was able to go to the many places that you were playing and I would walk down to the pay phone on Sunday after church and call you, you were always so nice to me and did not seem to mind talking to a teenager. Thank you.

I am still a big music buff and have been over the years.

My oldest granddaughter joined the chorus at her school in the 5th grade and continued with it over the years, she got into drama and dance too so she was in a lot of plays and musicals all through high school. She did get a scholarship for music at the University of South Florida, she will graduate this year with a minor in music and a major in business.

I am a big Glee fan and with that I have been introduced to many artists. Every time I watch Glee I think of Heather and the musicals and plays that she was in.

I think it is wonderful that you have continued with your music, you are introducing a lot of people to what music is all about.

Keep up the good work, I pull your songs up on Utube and your little nephew is awesome.

With love

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